India’s Poker Options Intensify

KamaGames releases Teen Patti, an online poker room geared for Indian players; Adda52 hosts the 2nd edition of World Poker Tour India.

KamaGames has long explored ways to capture the Indian market with aims to expand their portfolio. However, Indian players have always been receptive of the company’s existing portfolio, therefore, much change may not be needed. Nonetheless, KamaGames has designed Teen Patti to be engaging, payable among friends and family, with multiple features like chat and side quests which can offer free chips upon completion.

Considering the popularity of online poker in India the move seemed natural for KamaGames. They believe their product will stand out in the market due to superior quality and marketing expertise. The company considers Teen Patti as a way to truly tap the Indian online poker market. Teen Patti hopes to engage casual and social players, not just VIPs – bankroll isn’t their focus its quantity by reaching as many Indians as possible.

While the online poker sphere sees more robust poker platforms added to the market, physical casinos are seeing strengthened relationships between themselves and poker brands. Recently, Adda52 hosted WPT India, a seven-day long tournament, at Deltin Royale Casino in Goa.

Adda52 is an online poker site and a subsidiary of Delta Corp Ltd.

The event was held November 13th-19th and was the second season of WPT India. The event was a success with 697 players in attendance, local and international. Prizes offered at WPT India were hefty as the main event offered Rs. 3.09 crore and various other events with large prizes. The main event title was won by Nikunj Jhunjhunwala who also received a prize of Rs. 66.35 lakhs.

The event this year has shown record-breaking numbers in attendance with healthy ratios of returning players and new patrons. Co-founder of Adda52, Mohit Agarwal believes the turnout of this event proves that “the poker industry in India is growing at a rapid pace”. However, this event wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a deal inked between Adda52 and WPT 3 years ago.

The partnership has proven fruitful for both companies. Adding to this VP of Global Tour Management, WPT Angelica Hael believes Deltin Group’s ownership over Adda52 provides even more “robust partnership opportunities” and are looking to expand their product and relationship even further.