India Legal Online Gambling Guide For 2024

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When it comes to legal online gambling in India, players can enjoy a hotbed of online casino, poker and sports betting action—mainly through licensed offshore gambling operators.

Out of all these gambling forms, sports betting is arguably the most popular worldwide, but the casino sector of online gambling draws a large amount of traffic with its slot and table game options.

If you are an Indian resident interested in learning about online gambling, you have come to the right place. This page was developed by a team of legal Indian online gambling experts and is a resource for knowledge on the subject.

Our site contains relative information to India online gambling, including what types of gambling to expect, the best online venues, India gambling laws, as well as some interesting facts on the industry. Feel free to browse through the page to learn more about the legal online Indian gambling market.

Is Real Money Online Gambling Legal In India In 2024?

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India is a historical country, and so are its gambling laws. Indian gambling is enforced by 3 laws dating all the way back to the 19th century. You may have guessed that there is no mention of online gambling in these laws, and if so, you are correct.

The 3 main gambling laws in India are the Public Gambling Act of 1867, Prize Competition Act (1955) and the Information Technology Act of 2000. Individual states/provinces have their own gambling laws in place, and 2 have introduced legislation allowing for brick-and-mortar casinos—Sikkim and Goa.

The former state is the first to launch an Indian based online gambling site. All other online gambling action is hosted by legally licensed offshore gambling operators.

Residents are legally allowed to use these sites without fear of prosecution. With millions of inhabitants, India provides a lucrative market for online gambling brands to cater to. These sites feature online casinos, poker and sports betting options.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites Accepting Indian Players

Only Reputable And Trustworthy Sites Listed In 2024

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Betonline Sportsbook And Casino50% Max $2,500Indian Players AcceptedPlay Now
Sportsbetting.ag75% Max $1,000Indian Players AcceptedPlay Now
Betonline Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $2,500Indian Players AcceptedPlay Now
Sportsbetting.ag100% Max $2,500Indian Players AcceptedPlay Now

Forms Of Legal Online Gambling Available To Indian Players

Online Casino Games

Legal Online Casinos in India - Online casinos are known for their expansive options regarding game selection, bonuses and more. Our recommended India friendly online casinos are no different. Indian residents will find favorites like India accessible online slots (usually hundreds of variations), blackjack, baccarat, roulette, pai gow and video poker.

There are also specialty games like Keno and Bingo available. Online casino bonuses give players a generous financial incentive to keep playing. Live dealer games put a real-life spin on the online action, emulating that of a brick-and-mortar casino.

Online Poker

Legal Online Poker in India - Online poker is one of the most lucrative gambling industries throughout the world. Players from all over compete in major tournaments, both land-based and online. Indian online poker sites feature several game types, incremental poker bonuses and multiple tournaments to keep things competitive. Live dealer games put players at a real-life table through a live camera feed.

Online Sports Betting

Legal Online Sports Betting in India - With billions of sports wagers placed annually, the sports betting market is flush with activity. Cricket and football are among the most popular sports betting options, though India horse betting and racing falls close behind.

Our top-rated India online sportsbooks offer betting lines from international sports and wagering types to accommodate all different kinds of bettors. Betting lines are updated frequently to keep in line with the latest fixtures and sportsbook bonuses allow bettors to spread their wagers across more lines.

Legalized Indian Based Online Gambling - What If?

Indian gamblers use licensed offshore gambling operators due to the standing gambling laws. Only one state—Sikkim—has legal Indian based online gambling. While the online gambling market is already heavily populated with Indian gamblers, a legalized India based framework would bring several benefits, including:

  • Create jobs
  • Bring in foreign investment
  • Give less incentive to use offshore brands
  • Open new sources of tax revenue income

The Indian gambling market is estimated to be in the billions in terms of potential revenue, so lawmakers are missing out on a viable source of income by not regulating the industry. Meanwhile, offshore operators make more off Indian players.

Are There Taxes Taken Out Of Indian Online Gambling Winnings?

Technically, yes. A uniform goods and services tax (GST) was implemented in April 2017. This tax bracket groups several industries together, including gambling. Casinos and betting operators are within the 28% tax level.

Offshore gambling operators are not technically considered part of this group, however there is a somewhat vague provision for “all other services not specific elsewhere,” and anything in this category is subject to 18% tax. Whichever country the offshore brand is located will take away their own percentage of taxes from your winnings.

What About Satta Matka?

Indian Satta Matka is an older form of gambling that gained a lot of notoriety in its heyday, but has since fallen off. It is a game of chance that used to be very popular amongst Indian gamblers.

The game was originally created by Ratan Khatri in the 1970s and was popular for about 2 decades. It is played by randomly selecting 3 numbers between 0-9. All 3 numbers are added up. For example, if you selected 4, 8 and 5, your total would be 17. The result is the final number given in the draw, and the second digit (if present) is the game determinant. In this example, your draw would be 4, 8, 5 *7.

Another 3 numbers are drawn ranging between 0-9 and the process is repeated. A winning result depends on the bet you make. You can bet on the outcome of all 8 digits, the first digit, third, etc. Game results are shown throughout the day, so there are multiple opportunities to bet on card drawings. Available bets depend on the bookie.

“Satta” is a Hindi word used to describe betting in India (in a broad sense). The game of Satta Matka is not offered in any legal casinos, nor any reputable online casinos. Players now revert to other online lottery games and games of chance. There are plenty of other satta games available to satisfy the needs of players from India, but there are still Satta Matka enthusiasts who play the game via illegal avenues. Keno is an example of a casino game that emulates the basics of Satta Matka.

Can I Gamble With Indian Rupees?

Yes. Our recommended online gambling websites accept Indian rupees (INR) and so do our India mobile gambling apps. Online rupee gambling is convenient for Indian players because there are no currency exchanges required before engaging in online casinos, poker or sports betting. Players can also request withdrawals with Indian rupees.