Nepal Is Catering To India Residents With Border Casinos

Right across the India/Nepal border, you will find a little town Bhairahawa which is now home to a casino looking to cash in on India residents.  

Sitting 12km from the Indian border is the Tiger Palace Resort. The Tiger Palace is now the first of Nepal’s border casinos. The casino is owned and operated by the Hong-Kong/Australia based operator Silver Heritage Group.

The casino location is favorable for India residents who do not have access to domestic casinos in Goa, Sikkim, or Daman. The new casino is within a six-hour drive of 430 million people. India cities such as Delhi, Bihar, Uttar, Pradesh, and West Bengal are all within a days drive to the Tiger Palace Resort. India residents who have visited the casino praise its location as they can easily make the trip and enjoy the live wagering games.

The Tiger Palace casino hosts over 50 gaming stations and features classic games such as blackjack, roulette, and slots. Bettors can take advantage of other India favorites such as Flush or teen patti which can be played for money on the casino floor.

The Tiger Palace resort and casino has quickly become a favorite getaway for young India residents looking for some excitement. The response from India residents has been so great that the same company is looking into building another casino in Jhapa.

Most states in India still outlaw domestic gambling, and there are currently only three states that allow casinos to operate in their jurisdiction. With the sheer size of India and the location of the casinos, a lot of residents feel left out.

There are no laws preventing India residents from playing casino games or accession legal online gambling sites that offer sports betting, poker, casino games, or anything else.

Over the past decade, India laws have loosened up to allow more liberties. Many citizens would not be surprised if the country legalized gambling operations on a federal level; however, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we took a couple of steps back either.